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  • Have two academic journal articles published (see LinkedIn profile)
  • Best of the Bloggers (HR Executive Magazine)
  • Well connected with the thought leaders in Learning and Development.
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA), Accounting Course work toward Masters in Education (MEd)
  • New Opera Theater Assemble (NOTE) Bay State Performing Arts
  • Limited-edition achievement recognizing early members of Workfolio
  • Extensive working knowledge of various learning technology and social networking tools.
  • Several promotions throughout my career often to lead new initiatives.
  • See here and on my LinkedIn profile.
  • Spoken at conferences on 3 continents on Web 2.0 Technologies, Learning Styles and Strategies
  • I have had direct supervisor responsibilities for over 50% of my career.


Dave Lee
Employees will learn something new every day.  The challenge is to guide them to wanting to learn what the organization needs them to learn.
The requirements on businesses and their workforces are changing more rapidly than ever. Every aspect of the organization has to be ready to move and change in a heartbeat – including Learning and Development.

I have foundational knowledge of current adult learning theory, instructional design methods, individual to program evaluation principles, and managing and budgeting learning organizations.

But I have also been evaluating, implementing, and using Web 2.0 and social tools since their inception with an eye to their application in workplace learning. I understand their ability to enhance access to learning, to empower employees to own their own learning, and to provide stronger ROI for the organization.

Now, with the onset of the Internet of Things, Digital Mesh, and Big Data in the workplace, the very nature of work and of learning is going to be altered.

I have spent my career rethinking current practice to meet the demands of the marketplace and the opportunities new technologies presented.

• Lead a global, cross-departmental team to develop a new channel for delivery of access to Pearson online course materials to individual students at City Colleges of Chicago
• Co-created with Jay Cross "unworkshops" - a first effort to teach Web 2.0 technologies, using Web 2.0 technologies in a learning centric environment
• Created state-of-the-art Training and Trainer Certification programs for WebCT customers
• Helped in the creation of early LMS’s with ULT’s Bravo! Learning Platform and WebCT
• Publishing CD-Rom's instead of Cassette Tapes for Listening Programs for ESL Students

These initiatives were conducted while sustaining key practices in each instance. But in each instance, these initiatives bridged the gap to transformative new practices.

I thrive in growth and change environments able to lead in times of high ambiguity when others are confused about what to do. Transformation is exciting and leads us to stretch in new roles and tasks.


  1. -
    Learning Solutions Consultant, Pearson Learning
  2. -
    Custom Acquisitions Editor, Pearson Learning Solutions
  3. -
    Learning Solutions Specialist, innovate!create performance consulting
  4. -
    Online Community Leader, Learning Circuits Blog, ATD (Association for Training and Development)
  5. -
    Blogger, eelearning, self

    eelearning was my blog on issues in workplace learning

  6. -
    Coursework M.Ed. in Instructional Technologies, San Francisco State University
  7. -
    Operations Manager, Learning and Development, Gap Inc.
  8. -
    Senior Director, Educational Services, Gap, Inc.
  9. -
    Senior Learning Specialist, Strategic Development Group
  10. -
    Senior Director, Educational Services, Blackboard (formerly WebCT)

Proudest Accomplishment

I've developed a strength out of being resilient, intelligent and creative.  It's golden to today.

My unsung heros

  • Arlene Kemper - Maternal Grandmother
    NEVER HAVING 2 Dimes to rub together, she lived a rich life and died with a smile on her face
  • Ed Lee - Paternal Grandfather
    told me to find what I loved doing and to choose that for my Life's work.  He Did.  I  have.
  • John Hinton - HS Cross Country Coach
    taught me that dedication to personal improvement matters most - winning is a bi-product
  • Father Ted Vitali - College Philosophy Professor
    fearlessly questioned the core beliefs of his faith to find a more powerful, deeper understanding
  • Jose Wehnes Q - VP Sales/Marketing Heinle & Heinle
    believed business is a conversion experience.  People buy relationships not products
  • Barb Ross - COO, WebCT
    taught me believing I can is more important that experience & to get a product out, revise it lateR
  • Jay Cross - Founder, Internet Time Alliance/Informal Learning Champion
    Expertise is simply the courage to tell people you know something they don't

Education Highlights

  • xAPI Camp - Las Vegas November 2016
    Connections Forum/eLearning Guild
  • Modern Workplace Learning Challenge
    Fall 2016 by Jane Hart
  • Master's in Education (MEd) Coursework Instructional Technologies
    San francisco sTate University
  • Bachelor of Arts  (BA) in Accounting
    bellarmine university


  • Technology and Society
    I was a nasa kid and continue to be fascinated by how humans interact with new technology
  • Music
    I have sung in a chorus since I was six.  music has the power to change people.


  • 10K+
    PRESENTATION/class participants
  • 17.5M
  • 1000+
    projects completed

areas of expertise

  • social learning
  • xapi
  • learning analytics
  • Change management
  • Communities of practice
  • content development
  • educational technology
  • elearning
  • instructional design
  • leadership
  • project management
  • strategic planning
  • training

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xAPI Resource Center

Over the past several months I've been learning about the xAPI standard for learning experience data interoperability that is gaining traction and is poised to replace SCORM. This Resource Center is a result of my studies, conversations, and reflections on this exciting advancement for Learning and Development.

My xAPI journey began on September 13 when I saw a Twitter post for something called "xAPI Camp" which was being held that Friday at Lurie Children's Hospital...

Chicago, IL USA


Chicago, IL

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